Do You Need More Instruction Before You Hit the Road?

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Do you or your teenager need additional driving lessons? Wade’s Driving School has trained and experienced instructors who can help you hone your driving skills. We’ll come to your location in our instructor vehicle that includes a passenger brake pedal.

Additional driving lessons could be hugely beneficial for you or your child. We charge $50 an hour for driving lessons.

Reach out to us right away to schedule the driving lessons you need.

3 good reasons to call us for additional driving lessons

3 good reasons to call us for additional driving lessons

At Wade’s Driving School, we believe that practice makes perfect—but it also takes good instruction. All our instructors are certified, experienced and dedicated to helping you feel more confident behind the wheel.

Here’s why you should book additional driving lessons:

  1. You’ll be more prepared for the driving test.
  2. You’ll be more confident and comfortable on the road.
  3. You’ll be a much safer driver.

Call Tanner Wade to schedule a driving lesson at 580-678-3388.